News icon Video: Meet New Scholarship Director Casey Near

New Scholarship Director Casey Near is already getting to know and advise Mitchell Scholars and Alumni through no-agenda coffee meetings and attending events like MILE II and campus-based receptions. In this “Meet the New Scholarship Director” video, Casey shares what drew her to the Mitchell Institute, what motivates her to support young people as they navigate going to and through college, and what she most looks forward to doing in the first few months of her new role. See the timestamps below for a viewer’s guide to this “Meet the New Scholarship Director” video interview with Casey.

  • Start: Why were you drawn to become Scholarship Director at the Mitchell Institute?
  • 1:20: What was your college experience like?
  • 3:06: Why were you drawn to help young people navigate the path to and through college?
  • 4:37: What motivates you to do this work?
  • 6:22: What is your favorite part of advising young people?
  • 7:43: What are you most excited about doing in the first weeks of the new job?
  • 9:00: What did you write your Common Application essay about?
  • 9:59: If you had to fill in the Common Application activity section now, what would you include?
  • 10:51: What Mitchell Scholar activities and programs are you most looking forward to?